Your Guide to Finding Your Next New Car

Looking for a new car can be a long boring process, or it can be something you do quickly and then regret later. This is the view of most people when they realize that the car they now drive is at the end of its usefulness and it is time to consider a new car. We love having a new car, we just hate going through the process of buying one.

It doesn’t even matter if what you want to buy is a new Mercedes or an old used beater of a Volkswagen bug. It is the process of finding the right car at the right price that most of us don’t look forward to doing. But it doesn’t have to be a chore if you are organized first and have a plan to put in place. Here are our handful of tips we think of as a guide to finding the right car for you at the right price and time.

You Need to Know What You Want

If you want to have a car that makes you sing it praises, start with a list of the things this car must have. Most of us know what we want. Does it have to be automatic or are you more of a stick shift kind of driver? Does color even matter to you? I love cars that are wild colors and will happily wait for a custom job, while you may be happy with whatever color is selling on the lot.

Know what makes you happy with a car, from tinted windows to great gas mileage and add that to your list. Also, know what ones are deal breakers and what options you would like to have but can live without if it lowers the price. This list is your first step and should be easy to do.

Get Other’s Opinions

This can take the form of looking at the reviews for both the model you are interested in and the local dealership that is selling it. If you have a price range, you can sometimes look up reviews of all the models in that price range on some reputable car review sites.

Don’t leave out talking to anyone you know who drives and has a car they love. What do they love about it and what kinds of problems have they had with it? Heck, you can even talk to neighbors, others at work and even total strangers. They idea is to get enough feedback on certain models that you know how reliable they are and if they are worth the money spent on them.

Check Out Dealerships

Once you have your list, your feedback and a good idea of which model you think you might want, it is time to head to the local dealership. If you have checked them out online you know which one in your area seems to be good at customer service. Now is the time to test those reviews.

Chat with the floor salespeople, take the car out for a test drive and don’t decide on your first trip. The advantage of buying new is you get to take your time and order when you are ready. Make sure everything you said was a deal breaker on your list is there and for the price you know it should be before signing anything. Congrats! You just survived another car purchase!