Why Travellers Stayed Home in Scotland This Holiday Season

With so many people packing up and flying halfway around the world just for a few days of enjoyment, you know better than to spend thousands on a bit of fun. There are just as many reasons to stay right at home in Scotland, and any one of them is exciting and adventurous enough to make any holiday worth remembering for years. Whether you take or need to take a road trip across the island to reach your destination, there are still plenty of reasons to skip the trip abroad and spend your holiday in the beautiful world of Scotland.

Why Scotland

Many travellers stop working on their travel plans and ask the question, “Why go abroad when you can have an active holiday in Scotland?” After all, there are many amazing entertainment parks, castles, and many more attractions just around the bend. Whether you plan to spend just a weekend or an entire week away from home, you cannot fail to explore the many timeless landscapes and attractions dotting the island.

Whether you have a love of haunted, stately, gothic, or imposing castles, such castles dotting Scotland’s beautiful landscaping are unlike any other. Considered a romantic location to many, castles such as Stirling, Balmoral, and Dunnottar bring to mind visions of beautiful maidens, powerful kings, and a time far from forgotten. Edinburgh Castle is one of the most commonly explored and visited locations in Scotland, which is no surprise what with the excitement of the One O’Clock Gun.

The West Highland Line Train

Seen passing through Glenfinnan Viaduct, you are sure to enjoy a familiar sight when you watch this locomotive from afar. Used in famous movies about a certain boy wizard, there is something timeless and whimsical about the train as it makes its steady way around the bend to its destination. Due to the movies and its own rich history, the West Highland Line is a great place to bring young children just beginning to learn about the world and looking to get a taste of old beauty.

If you get the chance to ride this train, you will be met with more than a few spectacular landscapes easily seen through your carriage windows. There are a number of locations you wind through, including the highland valleys, rolling with green plant life and extraordinary wildlife, along with the lochs. Whether you came to Scotland to explore some of the world’s most interesting and still deeply-rooted cultures or just to get an up-close-and-personal view of the world’s untouched beauty, this is the place you want to stay while on holiday.

The Attractions

There are more than a few exciting and adventurous luxury attractions found throughout Scotland, many of which have won awards for their excellence. Perhaps you might find it exciting to pack the family up and spend a few relaxing days in Argyllshire, complete with some time spent at parks found there. Wherever you might find yourself on your tour of Scotland, you are unlikely to be disappointed with just how much fun you can have without sitting on a plane or boat for a large portion of your holiday travels.