What’s So Special About Pontoon Boats?

There is a whole host of boats on the market today designed to meet just about any interest and boating need. So why is it that so many people continue to buy the classic Midwestern pontoon boat? Part of it is their versatility. Their greater stability and space-centric layout has been designed for fun and easy boating experiences ideal for those first-time captains.

However, just because they are often associated with more recreational boaters, these boats shouldn’t be overlooked for more committed power boating enthusiasts. Just a quick look at modern pontoon boat reviews will show you that today’s versions offer greater handling, speed, and styling that’ll please any captain.

A Look at Performance in Pontoon Boat Reviews

Where brochure images will often depict pontoon boats as the realm of fun-in-the-sun revelers, as soon as you scroll down you’ll see pontoon boat reviews highlighting performance first. Modern pontoon hulls have undergone significant re-engineering to enhance their potential for speed. Such more aerodynamic design is a byproduct of consumers expecting higher horsepower and higher performance marine engines. This creates a sleeker and faster boat that is more capable of hard caved turns and even lifting strakes to allow the pontoon to achieve planing for optimum speed and comfort performance. This likewise allows for greater versatility — a watercraft that works for fishing, skiing, tubing, and good ole entertaining.

Not Your Grandfather’s Pontoon Boat

While sailboats have been around for thousands of years, the pontoon boat is a relatively new invention — and iconically an American one. First invented in 1951 by a Midwesterner, early versions were relatively simple models featuring a simple deck, couple of railings, and lawn-chair-like seating bolted to the crossbeams. It’s safe to say a lot has changed since then.

Today’s pontoon boats bring the living room to the outdoors with amenities including toilets, mini-kitchens, and playground equipment. Buyers can choose from a multitude of layouts and finishing touches like mahogany fencing and stainless steel cooking appliances. One of the best parts of boat ownership is finding and integrating the bells and whistles you want to create your ideal on-the-water experience, whether that’s adding extra fishing gear or opting for more luxurious seating arrangements.

A Boat for the American Family

Pontoon boats are the ideal choice for families and independent singles looking for a multipurpose day boat. If you want to have a great day with your friends and family on the water, whether that means fishing and grilling while on the hook or tubing around the lake, followed by an easy storage and sleep back on shore, then this is your boat.

Are you ready to take the plunge? Take your time to read pontoon boat reviews and talk to manufacturers about what you want in a boat. We think you’ll be pleasantly surprised in just how much this boat has to offer.