What Can I Do to Help Sell My Jewelry?

Well, you may wish to start by doing some research on each item, and this understandably is the first and most vital step if hoping to sell yourjewelry. It’s not that difficult these days with the advent of the internet, and you can easily learn something about eachpiece, which in the end will assist you in determiningthe best selling price.

  • If you need fast cash, then your best bet is at a pawnshop or the likes, but whatever you do, don’t expect too much return for your jewelry.

Do the Homework

Spend quality time doing research on each item. Plus:

  • Look fora signature on each piece ofjewelry, and then try to find out who the designer is.
  • This will assist you in finding if the piece is rare and its age.
  • Look through various websites which contains that designer’s jewelry, and check with the pieces that you are in possession of to obtain more data on them.
  • If you are looking to sell a rolex watch, that name is right there for everyone to see, so make sure to examine every piece for some type ofID .

Clean it up and Take Quality Photographs

And please don’t forget to give the jewelry a good cleaning, as this will help to make its best features stand out. Heaven forbid if you wish to sell any of it tarnished!

Don’t even contemplate trying to sell any type of jewelry that hasn’t been cleaned, because it means less work for any dealer and much more impressive. What would you think if you went to an automobile showroom and all the cars were dirty?!

  • Plus, this also increases the possibility ofa little more extra money it could mean for your pocket, because a dealer can inspect any details in the jewellery.

Say Cheese

Get hold of a good camera (if you don’t own one, borrow one!) and then shoot some high quality photographs. This will help to impress anyone that is considering making a purchase. (And once again, the detail can be examined)

  • Use the camera on the highest resolution and make use of either a white or black background tohelp highlight the colours and design of every piece of jewellery.
  • Take some close up shots of any kind of detailed features, plus all flaws.

Take a Look at the Reviews

Don’t forget to find out about a website’s reputation and check out what former customers have had to say about them and their service. Just put their name in a search engine and the word “reviews” afterwards read the results.

After choosing a promisingservice, contact and consult with them and politely tell them what price you are hoping to obtainfor your pieces and then email them the photographs if they’re interested.

And remember, although the whole objective is to indeed try to sell your jewelry, it doesn’t mean that you will have to take the very first offer. Good luck!