TVS Jupiter VS Yamaha Fascino – Which One to Go for?

When it comes to scooters, India has been one of the biggest consumers of these two wheeler gearless vehicles. One of the major reason is that they are simple to ride and don’t cost much as well. Two of the most reputed brands in India which has constantly impressed customers with amazing scooters are TVS and Yamaha. Their new scooters TVS Jupiter and Yamaha Fascino are already on the wishlist of many. Some are really fascinated by the options of TVS Jupiter colors whereas others are really inclined towards the features of Yamaha Fascino. They both are amazing in their own rights but if you need to choose one from the two, the below extensive comparison will help you out.

Design and Style

TVS Jupiter: TVS Jupiter looks extremely good as it is designed keeping Indian consumers in mind and has a good build quality as well. One of the major advantages of the scooter is the colors available in it. The TVS Jupiter colors include Royal Wine, Matte Blue, Stallion Brown, Titanium Grey, Sparkling Silver, Midnight Black, Volcano Red, and Pristine White.

Yamaha Fascino: Even the Yamaha Fascino doesn’t fails to impress when it comes to looks and style. It is available in 5 different shades – Rouge Red, Haute White, Cool Cobalt, Tuxedo Black, and Sassy Cyan.

Although both the scooters are well designed and styled, it is your preferences that will play a role while deciding a winner. However, if you are looking for more color choices you should go ahead with TVS Jupiter.

Engine and Performance

TVS Jupiter: The standard model of TVS Jupiter comes with a 109 cc air cooled engine which is capable of producing maximum power output of 7.9 bhp @ 7500 rpm and a maximum torque of 8 Nm @ 5500 rpm.

Yamaha Fascino: The Yamaha Fascino is equipped with an engine that is of 113 cc and is able of generating maximum power of 7 bhp @ 7500 rpm and 8.1 Nm @ 5000 rpm.

As you can see, the engine of both the scooters is strikingly similar and capable of a similar power and torque generation. When it comes to engine, both are equally well at their price points.


TVS Jupiter: TVS Jupiter provides a mileage of around 62 kmpl, these are the official figures given by the company but they may vary according to the road conditions you are driving in.

Yamaha Fascino: In the same way, Yamaha claims that the Fascino provides a mileage of 66 kmpl which can differ for you as well depending upon where and how you are using the scooter.

Both the scooters provide a similar kind of mileage with Yamaha Fascino edging a little more by 4 kmpl. If mileage is your concern, Yamaha Fascino can be a good choice to make. But you can’t ignore Jupiter just for its mileage as it is only a bit less than Fascino.


TVS Jupiter: The on-road price for TVS Jupiter is INR 53,167 which is pretty economical for Indian consumers. It is well priced as per the features it comes with.

Yamaha Fascino: The Yamaha Fascino’s on-road price is around INR 56,881 which is a little more than that of Jupiter. Given its looks and style, Yamaha has priced its scooter really well. Although when we compare it with Jupiter, it is a bit pricey but in general, the pricing of the scooter is economical.

If price is your concern, the TVS Jupiter is definitely the better option out of both of them. Most of the other features and specifications for both the scooters are pretty similar and price is the only differentiator.