Travel Insurance Is a Necessity, Not a Luxury

Everybody loves to travel, whether it is short trips within one’s own country or overseas travel to exciting new destinations. There are some who even travel to the same destination year after year because they love it so much!

The subject of travel insurance always comes up. Quite often, travellers can’t decide whether to take out travel insurance or not. Some decide to take the risk and not spend the money but others always take travel insurance “just in case”. Travel insurance is a very small price to pay for the peace of mind it gives.

Finding the Right Travel Insurance

There are many types of travel insurance with most companies offering it in this day and age. The trick is to find the most suitable one. A great way to look for travel insurance is to find a comparison website, which is a web site that has policies from several different companies all in one place. It is then quite easy to compare different policies and see which might be the most suitable.

There are also different choices when it comes to the length of time of the policy. It is possible to purchase a policy just for one trip by advising the company about the number of days that the trip will take. There are also annual policies that are ideal for those who travel regularly. Another choice is the multi-trip policy, which doesn’t provide unlimited travel insurance, but several trips can be put on the one policy, saving the need to create a separate policy for each destination.

Even travellers with pre-existing medical conditions shouldn’t be disheartened. Insurance companies will look at all applications before making a decision. Sometimes premiums will be a little higher but it is worth the price to be able to travel.

Insurance Coverage

Insurance normally covers several factors such as lost luggage, flight delays or cancellations, medical treatment, and theft of belongings. At the time of application, it is most important to be upfront and tell the insurance company everything that may be relevant. If any details are left out, it may void the insurance policy.

The other thing to be mindful of is thoroughly reading through the insurance policy before taking it. Don’t, under any circumstance, assume that certain coverage is in place because it may not be. Always read the fine print. People are told this repeatedly with contracts and they seldom do read them, but it is really important to know what the travel insurance covers and what is excluded.

One thing to definitely watch for is whether the insurance covers missing a flight when an earlier connecting flight is delayed. Check exactly what is or isn’t covered in the flight delay component of the policy.

Medical Emergencies

One of the main reasons for taking out travel insurance would have to be in case a medical emergency arises. Medical costs when overseas can skyrocket so it brings great peace of mind to know that if anything happens, the insurance coverage is there. It is most important to have travel insurance that covers medical conditions.

Accidents happen when they are least expected and the last thing a person needs is the pressure of wondering how he or she is going to pay the medical expenses. This could certainly put a damper on any holiday.

Senior Travellers

Travellers over 65 are also catered to by the insurance companies. This applies to those with medical conditions as well as those without medical conditions. Don’t let age become a barrier when it comes to travel! Senior travellers generally have more available time so it is important to make the most of it. This is also when a comparison web site comes in to its own as a simple check of the different policies will let the traveller know which insurers will cover senior travellers and under which conditions.

If there are medical conditions, always let the travel insurance company know who will be travelling together as this, once again, can make a difference to a policy payout if something unexpected happens.

Travel Insurance for Cruises

One thing to be aware of is letting the insurance company know if the holiday or part of the holiday has a cruise component. If a person gets very ill on board a ship, it could mean having to be airlifted out to the nearest land base. This could be a terribly expensive exercise but if the insurance company wasn’t aware that the traveller would be cruising, it may be a component that isn’t covered in the policy. That could be an expense of thousands of pounds that could have been averted if the correct information had been conveyed at the beginning.

Cruises can also be more expensive than normal holidays that involve flights and hotels. Due to this, more coverage is needed to cover cancellations; otherwise, only a portion of the cancellation fee might be refunded, leaving the traveller out of pocket because he or she hasn’t paid enough for his or her policy.

Another point to consider in the insurance policy is the possibility of missing the departure of the ship from one of the ports. It might sound silly but, due to any number of reasons, the ship may depart before the traveller can get back and board on time.

In Conclusion

When taking a holiday of any description or even just travelling from one point to another, travel insurance is a small but necessary expense. It can save a traveller thousands of pounds if anything doesn’t go according to plan while the trip is underway.

There are many companies that offer travel insurance but rather than go to dozens of different web sites trying to trawl through everything to find a policy, look for a comparison website that has many companies listed in one place. This makes looking at the policies and comparing them very easy, after which a policy purchase can be made.

Last but not least, happy travels!