The Top Four Things You Should Do Before Getting a Tattoo

Being ready for a tattoo doesn’t just mean making yourself mentally and emotionally prepared – it also means readying yourself physically for the actual process of getting inked. Fortunately, your physical preparation needn’t be that difficult. Anyone can stick to the physical preparation as long as they know what they are getting into. So how do you make sure you are physically prepared for a tattoo? Here are the top four things you should do.

  1. Drink, drink, and drink

When we say ‘drink’ we don’t mean drinking alcohol, mind you. This simply means drinking a lot of water and liquids the night prior to your appointment and before your appointment. The amount of liquid you need to drink will vary depending on your body weight; if you are a taller and bigger person, you may need more than 8 glasses of water per day. The reason why you should hydrate yourself is that your skin will be better hydrated as well – if your skin is hydrated, the application of the tattoo will be easier.

  1. Keep away from blood thinners

This is closely related to avoiding alcohol the night prior to and on the day of your appointment. If you drink alcohol, your blood will become thinner, and this can result in more bleeding. You should also avoid taking any medication which may thin your blood, such as aspirin. If you are taking any other prescription medication, which may be a cause for concern during the procedure, let the tattoo studio know beforehand as well.

  1. Wear the right clothing

When you go for your tattoo, wear the right clothing. Go for clothing which is loose and breathable and comfortable because the tattoo process can take a few hours depending on how big it is. Another reason why you should wear loose clothing is that you want the tattoo artist to have easy access to the area which will be tattooed. Additionally, if you are getting a leg tattoo, it would be better to wear a skirt or shorts, and if you are getting an upper arm tattoo, it’s best to wear a sleeveless top or shirt.

  1. Eat well

 It’s also important to eat well before you visit the tattoo studio; you may become lightheaded and may even faint if you don’t get enough food to eat prior to your appointment. If you have low blood sugar, you may end up passing out as well.

Many people who have got inked will confirm that the process is entirely worth it. But you should also make sure to take proper care of your tattoo afterwards – keep your skin moisturised with a tattoo moisturiser, avoid the sun, and stay away from baths and swimming pools for a few days.

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