The Right Storage Unit Size for Your Belongings

If you are planning to go on a long trip thus no one will be left in your home, then you need to store some of your valuable things in one of the cheap storage units in your area. If you are currently living in Tampa, Florida, this should not be a problem as this city has a handful of reliable storage facilities you can choose from. However, aside from making sure that your things will end up in a better storage facility, another important decision you have to make is the size of storage unit to choose.

Yes, the right size of the storage unit will matter a lot as this is one of the factors when pricing. This is why, you should choose one that is just small enough to accommodate all your things. Here are your options when it comes to storage unit sizes:

  • 50 square feet – this is the smallest storage unit and with this size of unit, you can already store a handful of things such as office supplies, garden tools and still a lot more.

Storage Unit Size for Your Belongings...

  • 100 square feet – this is the next size and with this, you can already store a living room full of furniture. You can also store furnishings, things in a home office and still a lot more.
  • 150 square feet – this is the mid-sized storage unit and with this size, you can already store things good for three bedrooms. Aside from the furniture, you can also store the usual contents in a bedroom such as linens and so on.
  • 200 square feet – with this size of storage unit which is most of the time, the second largest storage unit in a typical storage facility, you can already store contents of 5 bedrooms. At the same time, this can already store office files accumulated for several years.

Man and Woman Moving Boxes at Self Storage Unit

  • 300 square feet – this is the biggest storage unit you will usually find in a storage facility though of course, there is a good chance you can still find a bigger unit in other storage facilities. With this size, you can store just about everything. This is even large enough to store your car.

So depending on the things you need to store, you can now comfortably choose which one to rent. Again, the bigger the unit, the higher is the price.