The Key to Finding Your Dream Home

Looking for a new home can be stressful. There are so man questions to ask and things to look for, it can be overwhelming. But if you take the time to think through what you want in a home, define what would be nice and what would be a deal-breaker, you can find your dream home. Houston home buyers have known for decades that finding a home that can handle the extreme temperatures of the city is a key to a great home.

Perhaps in California a pool is the perfect compliment, while in Maine it might be that ocean view. Finding what is important to you is the first step to finding your dream home, and moving into it. Here are a few clues on how to find it the first time out.

Calculate Beyond the Price

Sure the house may be priced right, but what about hidden costs? If you love that cathedral ceiling for its impact, will you love the high heating bills it generates in the winter? That pool may be just what you want, but can you afford to upkeep of one right now with a bunch of kids on their way to college?

Look beyond the price you will pay today and calculate what else might enter the picture that aren’t obvious right off the bat. If you can live with them, great. But be prepared to walk away if your calculations show it causing stress in the budget.

Listen to Your Instincts

We usually know when we have found the right home. Real estate agents recognize it when a client starts talking about where they would place their furniture. If the instant you walk into a house you feel a connection to it, pay attention.

More than likely this will end up being your next home. It doesn’t mean you don’t follow through on your homework about the place, its history and the neighborhood. But when you have that rapport with a home it says something, and it is well worth listening to when it happens.

Today’s Life Not Tomorrow’s Dream

While you may love a house because of the beautiful view it offers, will you be home enough to appreciate it? Look at any home and see if the things you love about it are things that fit into your life right now.

You may love that state of the art kitchen, but if your life is about cooking quick before heading out to practice with the kids, maybe it won’t be used the way you envision it. We all find homes that seem to speak to our dream life, but unless you can live that dream life it isn’t going to make you happy.

Decide If This House is It

Sometimes we lose on our bid to a house and then find out later that it wasn’t quite the perfect house we thought it might be for us. The truth is there are many dream houses out there and following your heart, listening to your instincts but also doing your homework can deliver the house you were meant to live in.

We raise our kids, enjoy our triumphs and swallow our defeats in these homes. Taking the time to find the right one is always worth the effort.