The Gifts for the Glittering Festivals of Australia

Australia is one of the most advanced nations of the world and just like any rich country of the world, it knows to celebrate unique festivals with their stamp of creativity. If any of your friend or loved ones stays there, you must have heard about the lavish Christmas light festival or the festival of the sun. Now in many ways, these festivals also remind us of the Diwali back here because of the light show. Therefore, as Diwali gifts to Australia or a Christmas gift to Australia, you can send those things that reflect light or color.

Here are some of the options of gifts as per various festivals celebrated there.

Christmas – Birth of Jesus Christ

  1. A Santa Claus dress for the son of your brother residing there would be a lovely Christmas gift to celebrate the fun and excitement of this festival. Include some chocolates as well so that the young heart feels even more joyful.

FOTSUN – Festival of the Sun 2016

  1. The festival of the sun is known as FOTSUN in short and is held in December in Australia. It is an outdoor music festival and held in Sundowner Breakwall Tourist Park, Port Macquarie, New South Wales, Australia. The time of December is actually not cold but sultry summer here because of the hemisphere shift. And therefore people prefer to enjoy the cool breeze outside. Get some nice outdoor wear garments like loose cotton shirts, hat, shades, etc. for your friend staying here. We don’t have any such open air music festival here and so, encourage your friend to sway to the tunes there.

New Year – Welcome the new calendar year

  1. New Years is one time when Australia witnesses huge rave parties and fireworks show. As a gift for the New Years, get a camera for your loved one staying there so that he/she can capture the glittering moments.

Celtic festival – Celebrating the Celtic culture

  1. Celtic festival is another striking feature of this country and they pay a tribute to their Celtic roots through this festival. Traditional folk music show along with Celtic food are on the display. An antique object can be your gift to your Australian friend.

Canberra Festival – Firework display

  1. Skyfire festival of Canberra is another festival here that reminds your loved ones and friends of the Diwali fireworks of India. Get some online Diwali gifts to Australia during Diwali and also when Australia celebrates this Skyfire festival. The sky of Canberra glares up with amazing Chinese fireworks during March and makes people witness the magnanimous show of light. Your gift can be any earthen lamp to lamp shade or crackers.