The Benefits of a Treadmill in Your Home

Whenever you want to take fitness seriously, but hate spending your time surrounded by sweaty strangers, bringing the treadmill home with you might be the best option. The benefits of the machine allow you to lose weight faster and with fewer frustrations, and the cost-effective price of hiring one will make it simple to get started. Losing weight and feeling healthy again can be disheartening with the unreasonable prices of a gym membership to consider. Often, it can seem as if the gym is more interested in your money, than actually helping you get fit. For this reason, it may be in your best interest to bypass the gym altogether and bring the equipment to your home.

Burn More Calories

Treadmills hired at burn more calories per hour than any other type of exercise machine. A study by the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) found a vigorous workout on the treadmill can burn about 700 calories, compared to 627 for stair climbers, and only 498 for stationary bikes. This is a significant difference for people looking to lose excess weight on their bodies, and it is far easier on the body than other options. Whether you choose to walk, jog, or run, you can rest easy knowing you are getting the most calories burned off during your workout.


Often, gyms are only open during certain hours of the week, and you must build your schedule around these hours just to get enough time for a workout. However, hiring a treadmill for your home will give you the freedom to workout whenever you have the time. For example, you may work nights, and not arrive home until three or four in the morning. This may be your ideal time to work out, and you can do so without having to drive to another location, or waiting for the doors to open. Simply get your work out in, take a shower, and then go to bed to rest up after a long day of work and a great workout. In addition, there will never be a line of people looking to get on the machine after you, making it possible for you to take your time on the machine.

Wear Whatever You Want

Whatever TV programs might try to tell you, few people go to the gym in just latex and a sports bra, and those that do have far more confidence than the average person. With a treadmill in your own home, you can dress in whatever way you want to work out, without having to worry about whether your shorts match your shirt or if anyone will judge the parts of you that jiggle. Losing weight is just as much a mental hurdle as it is a physical one, and the freedom to work out without prying eyes can make a big difference. You deserve the chance to make progress, at your own speed, without the pressure of others for you to make big changes too quickly. Remember, your goals are your own, and no one can tell you how much is too much or too little to lose.