Technical Issues Most Common in Media Players

Media player is one of the most popular software programs used together with Enplug to show digital content in public display. The good thing about media player is that it’s ideal for organizing and playing digital music. It’s an all-rounder for playing other media too, be it movies, videos, audiobooks, CDs, and many more.

Although media player usually works without any problem at all, there are instances where you have to deal with technical issues, and here are some of those.

1. No Audio or Picture When Playing AVI Files
One of the most common issues with media player is that when playing certain AVI files, users encounter picture and audio issues, as well as sound reduction. Worse case scenario, there’s totally no sound and/or picture at all.

Aside from that, those with poor Internet connections suffer from the technical issue where the program says that there’s no Internet connection at all and they have to restart the media player until it works perfectly again.

2. Media Player Freezing
Another problem when using media player is that it freezes whenever the user tries to skip ahead or move on to the next track. This leads to the media player crashing, while forcing the user to restart the program.

3. Help Button Not Working
Aside from that, another issue with media player is that there are instances where the Web button doesn’t work as well. Wherein, even when you press the link for the help option, there’s always the possibility that it won’t initiate launching the external help web page. Whenever this happens, users are forced to search the web for assistance.

4. Unable to Retrieve Data
Sometimes, users also encounter error messages, such as “unable to retrieve data,” or missing codecs files.” These messages usually appear when there’s already a need to install additional media files.

5. Getting a Blank Page When Clicking the Link
This usually happens when there are multiple players on the computer. Usually, Winamp is the common culprit for this. Despite the fact the Winamp does a great job in playing video files, it doesn’t handle windows media quite well. So, what happens is that upon clicking a link, the browser would try to call up winamp for it to handle the stream, and it’s something Winamp can’t fully handle. With that, you’ll be welcomed with a blank page.

6. Not Connecting
If you’re having a problem connecting to the video stream, and the basic troubleshooting fails to work, the next step would be to check other areas. The quickest you can do is turn off the firewall software that’s running- there are instances where it blocks the streaming. Aside from that, if you’re using identity blocking products, better turn it off as well.

7. Blocked Ports
There are instances where the network routers would block the feed from Netcast– this usually depends on your media player settings. Windows Media Player uses a Port to deliver content to the machine, but if a firewall or network is blocking it, then the media would fail to load and play. Whenever this happens, better check your router settings.