Switching Mobile Carriers? Here’s What You Need to Know

In today’s saturated mobile market, switching carriers can be a nightmare. There are so many factors to consider, and it can be really difficult to get out of mobile contracts, phone rentals, and payments. With new models coming out each year from nearly every brand, it can be almost impossible to keep up.

If you’re looking to switch carriers but you’re not sure how and you need help, this article will share some helpful tips on how to make the transition smoothly and easily, without the headache of paying extra money or wasting time.


Everyone has a smartphone these days, but not everyone knows what the best deal actually is when it comes to getting new smartphones. Some people buy the newest model every year, others wait every two years, and some people wait even longer. The problem with upgrading each year is that the newest smartphones can often be extremely expensive unless you sign a contract with the carrier. If you sign, you’ll likely get a big discount on the newest phone, or it might even be free. While this could be good news, it’s bad news if you’re trying to get out of a contract and still get a new phone.

There is, however, another way to approach this situation and get a new phone without worrying about signing onto your mobile carrier contract for another year or two just to get the discount. You should look into unlocked smartphones.


These smartphones can actually work with multiple mobile networks and aren’t programmed just to work with one type of network. This means that if you purchase a smartphone that’s been unlocked, you have the freedom to switch carriers much sooner as the phone will work with almost any carrier.

There are other benefits to owning this type of smartphone as well. For instance, you can lease or even rent some smartphones, but those charges will be added to your contract and you can only get those deals if you stay on the contract. Owning your own smartphone allows you the freedom to take it across several networks. A rental phone would have to be turned in if you end your mobile contract, but not an owned one.

Where to Find These Smartphones

Because these types of smartphones are not usually designed to only work with one carrier, you cannot find them at a mobile carrier’s retail store. You’ll probably need to look online for sellers that make these types of unlocked phones.

You can start by comparing prices online and looking at different smartphone models. There are so many models to choose from, both older and brand-new, and each phone has its own benefit. You’ll need to look at the individual features to see which phone will work best for you. If you’re into phone photography, for instance, you should get a smartphone with a nice camera. The benefits of owning a smartphone like this are plentiful, and some come with a warranty.