Stanozololo – A few things to know about it

Stanozololo, or Stanozolol as it is also known as happens to be a prominent anabolic steroid. The compound itself has been derived from dihydrotestosterone. In spite of owing its origin to the androgen, Stanozolol happens to be a lot milder in terms of the effects that it has. Even in spite of being graded as being an anabolic steroid it has shown a tendency to aid muscle growth.

As such it is also classified as a synthetic derivative of a testosterone. Its androgenic effects, however, are a lot lower and its anabolic action is said to be four or five times better. This is the reason why when it comes to therapeutic practice it is said to be a lot more preferable than more than a hundred molecules that may have been sourced from testosterone.

While in the C17 alpha position, Stanozololo shows signs of alkylation and this is the reason it happens to be such a preferred option with respect to intra-articular treatments especially of the DJD. This is especially so because Stanozololo is also capable of protecting it from any and every action that the aromatase enzyme may have on it.

It is also known that Stanozolol is also employed at times for unsavory activities such as doping at a high dosage. In the gyms however, it is used mainly for therapy-related reasons. The dosage in these cases could be as much as 15 times higher than what is normally prescribed or preferable for the individual.

It also needs to be added in this particular context that in certain countries this steroid is used for treating animals. There is a significant amount of medical literature on this and it must be said that most of it is objective in nature. This literature is based primarily on health-related analyses, and not judgments of members of media such as journalists.

Its anabolic effects

Stanozololo is said to determine how protein synthesis would be simulated in your body. This means that with respect to tissues it works at the level of trophic activities. Most of its effects are visible in case of your skeletal musculature. In this case, the muscles gain mass and much of this can be attributed to the positive balance of nitrogen that your body enjoys because of the effects of this steroid. The way that these compounds react can also be attributed to the affinity they have with androgen receptors.

Also important in this case are certain proteins that are normally situated in the nucleus or the cytoplasm. It is these proteins that work the enzymatic mechanisms that have an effect on protein synthesis in your body. It also adds to the intracellular concentration of 2,3-bisphosphoglycerate that are there in the erythrocytes. Apart from that, it helps the tissues release a greater amount of oxygen. It also helps with the synthesis of erythropoietin and this leads to an increase of hemoglobin concentration in our bodies. This means that the body has a greater capacity to transport oxygen and this, in turn, helps your body perform better from an aerobic point of view.