Should You Hire a Mover? 4 Reasons to Hire a Pro!

Moving is generally not everyone’s favorite task to do. Whether you plan to stay in New York or move out-of-state, there are many details to take care of and decisions to make. One of the first things to consider is whether to hire a mover or do-it-yourself. There are many good reasons not to go it alone and hire good New York movers instead.

1. Keep moving day on schedule

If going the DIY route, your family and friends may (or may not!) eagerly offer to help. While their offer to help is kind, there are no guarantees. There’s always the chance on moving day someone might unexpectedly have to bail out on you. Hiring a pro means you’ll have a contract and be guaranteed someone will show up to keep you on schedule.

2. Moving is heavy work

Furniture, appliances and other household items are heavy and/or difficult to move. If you’re trying to do it yourself, you not only have to load your belongings, but you’ll have to unload everything on the other end. Plus, if you don’t know what you’re doing, you can injure yourself. New York State movers are well-prepared and have the right equipment and tools to handle your possessions.

3. You can focus on other important details

Moving from one place, whether in or out of state, involves a lot of details. You’ll have to make sure you tie up all loose ends on your rental or, if you’ve sold your property, confirm everything is in order. At your new place, you’ll need to get electricity and other utilities turned on. Plus, hiring a mover will give you more time to prepare for the arrival of your possessions for an easier transition.

4. Cost considerations

According to the American Moving & Storage Association, the average moving cost in-state is $1,170 and between states $5,630. These figures are based on an average weight of 7,100 pounds being moved. The DIY route not only involves physical work and time, it also means:

  • Renting a truck (and possibly a storage unit)
  • Buying moving tools and packing supplies
  • Taking extra time off work
  • Lodging and fuel fees (long-distance moves)
  • Assuming unexpected costs (i.e. accidents, broken items, etc.)

Realistically, moving is expensive no matter which way you go, however, by hiring a pro, you’ll know the costs ahead of time.

Many people assume the DIY route is cheaper when it comes to moving, and sometimes it is, but often unanticipated things pop up and, by hiring a professional and reliable New York mover, you can rest assured your stress level will be lower and you can enjoy a smoother move.