Own a Small Business? Here’s Why You Should Use a Laundry Service

Numerous small businesses use linens regularly. From an independently owned bed and breakfast or restaurant to a small outpatient surgical centre, linens and uniforms are frequently-used supplies which serve an important function in many small business environments. Linens can be a used to match the décor in a restaurant, offer your patients comfort, or make your employees look professional and clean. As any small business owner knows, making sure your business is well-represented through its employees is crucial. It is also important to make choices which encourage productivity while lowering costs. Linen and laundry services provide several key benefits which can assist your small business in running smoothly and improving profitability.

If you’re thinking about using a laundry service and delivery in Newcastle, here are some of the benefits you could enjoy.

Increase Efficiency and Productivity

If you’re not using a laundry service, your staff is probably required to wash all your linens. That means they’re responsible for sorting the linens, loading them into the washer, drying them, ironing them (hopefully), folding them, and then packing them in your business space. This requires a substantial amount of energy and water. Your business will also need to purchase chemicals, machines, products, parts, and more to carry out these tasks. In fact, it will likely require multiple full-time employees. Plus, it must be carried out successfully every day. By outsourcing, you and your employees can spend the day helping customers and tending to more important business matters.

Help the Environment and Save on Utilities

In addition to the cost of buying the equipment and supplies as well as maintaining and repairing the equipment, you should consider that the machines used by a laundry service company will use a significant less energy and water to operate. By using less water, this means less water will be discharged into the local environment. You can effectively keep energy and water costs low for your business by outsourcing your linen cleaning needs to a third-party laundry service.

Eliminate Compliance Concerns

Depending on the industry you’re in, an added benefit of outsourcing your linens and laundry is ensuring that the linens are in fact cleaned to the proper regulations. Most businesses must meet particular cleaning guidelines, and failure to do so can be expensive. For instance, certain laws dictate how linens for a medical centre must be cleaned. By using a commercial linen cleaning service, you can know for sure that your linens are being cleaned to the required specifications.

Using a commercial linen and laundry service allows you to improve the productivity of your workers, so they can use their skills more effectively. In addition, several costs can be eliminated from your budget if you choose to outsource linen cleaning and thus don’t need to own and operate your own commercial cleaning equipment. After evaluating the costs of those duties, you may realise that outsourcing will saving you a huge amount of money. Plus, you will eliminate the risk of non-compliance with linen cleaning regulations.

If you’re ready to get started and need more information about prices, get a quote from local laundry service today. Many companies provide free quotes and can deliver your linens right to your door.