Oral steroids: A Knowhow

Even though steroids are not considered miracle drugs, using them one can yield really amazing results. Based on the goals an individual wants to yield from them, steroids should be selected.  A proper cycle should be formed based on the reason of usage. Before deciding to go for steroids, one should plan on the cycle and what they want to get from it.

Before starting the steroids cycle one need to tune their fitness programs based on want they want to achieve. Because same steroid cannot be used for all purpose. If an individual wants to lose weight then he should go for one and if he wants to get bulk then he should go for another steroid. Among hundreds of steroids one has to choose the right one to serve their purpose.

Even though one doesn’t follow their exercise routine, oral steroids are perfect for beginners. But thinking of good health it’s better to maintain physical as well as mental health. And following proper exercise routine will reduce the side effects that could be caused by steroids.


Beginners or one who is starting the steroids intake for the first time should follow a proper diet and planned exercise regime. Along with steroid intake if they follow these two, then they will surely yield their result on time.

Good training program along with steroids will help in maintaining good health and avoiding the side effects like kidney damage and liver issues. If an individual decides to take steroids just to improve overall health, then he must do a research on the available steroids in the market and then decide one.

Steroids-Lean mass:

Winstrol is one of the best oral steroids used for lean mass. This will be very effective when taken with a proper diet. This works by filling the body with lean mass rather than water or fat. When it comes to enhancing strength oral steroid Anavar can be used. This is said to have least side effects. But it helps in improving the lean mass growth. Along with giving strength it increases growth of lean mass so if bodybuilders are taking this then it will help them to lift heavier weights. This is mostly used by women bodybuilders and fitness models. When Anavar doesn’t work, one can try Halotestin.


Anadrol oral steroid is usually suggested for size. Other than this, many use Dianabol also. When it comes to champions and weight lifters, D-bol is very popular. D-bol comes under the list of strongest steroids available today. If it is for mass building then D-bol is the right choice.

In this category if one wants to choose a mild steroid then primobolan is the right choice. Using this one may not experience too much growth but there will be enhancement in their energy and all psychological effects. This is not popular in bodybuilding world because suing this will not yield them insane growth which they expect from steroids. Winstrol is also a good choice if the intake is for conditioning but this really not for bulking.