Legally Anavar Is Used For Various Medical Treatments

In countries like UK and USA, it is quite difficult to purchase steroids like Anavar, unless you have a doctor’s prescription. These steroids are available from past several decades. Earlier, it was used for the treatment of insomnia, arthritis and various other conditions. It has been approved by FDA for human consumption, but can only be purchased under the advice of doctors. Since, there is high demand for this steroid many online suppliers have surfaced on the internet.

Legalization of steroids in the UK is very strict and therefore people normally prefer to buy this steroid from various online sources. Those who wish to use only for medical purpose can however buy it legally from any chemist’s shop by producing doctor’s prescription.

What is Anavar?

The properties of Anavar are quite similar to testosterone however this is much safer alternative. It can be safely taken orally in the pill form. Normally physicians suggest the dose of 10 mg and therefore there are very little chances of any side effects. If you increase the dose or try to abuse this drug then there are chances of side effects too. However, the side effects are quite mild as compared to any other steroids available in the market.

What should be the right dosage of Anavar?

If you want to take orally then 10 mg dose is considered to be safe. If you increase the dosage then it may cause menstrual irregularities in women. Others may experience vomiting sensation and also reduce the sex drive. It may also cause liver problem.

Women who are pregnant should always avoid taking this drug. Also children and any adult with kidney problem should never consume it. Also after consuming this drug if you feel excessive tiredness or observe color change in urine along with stomach pain then you must immediately contact your doctor.

If a person is addicted to this drug then there can be neurological problems and sleeping disorders along with anxiety. Many people may suffer from genital deformities and also oily skin. For this reason in the UK it is only available against prescription.

Who uses Anavar?

Anavar is mainly used for the treatment of various medical ailments. It is also used for increasing bone density and promoting tissue growth after any kind of surgery.

Nowadays many athletes also take this steroid for increasing their strength and endurance, so that they can have an edge over others in any competitive sports.