Know the Invisalign Treatment Procedure to Overcome your Oral Issues

Invisalign aligners are clear, virtually invisible and detachable. With these aligners, your teeth look same as before. Also, it provides comfort and does not cause any pain. There are a number of other aligners, which may attract you with low prices, but with the Invisalign treatment you will get the advanced clear aligners in the world, compared to the other processes.

Invisalign is the best choice for your gaps, overbites, crowding, underbites, and other problems, but finding the correct doctor to treat is a difficult task. You need to know about the dentist as well as the treatment plans before getting into the process. For this, go through the reviews and articles or you can ask your near and dear ones for recommendations.

Few dentists also offer you insurance plan to support Invisalign, so check with your insurance agent before starting the process.

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Treatment Process

Select the right dentist – Opting for Invisalign treatment is a very important decision. It affects both your life quality and financial condition, so choose a trustworthy dentist with good experience.

Consultation – Always, consult few doctors to determine the right treatment for your problem. Make sure of the procedure, cost, pros and cons of the process in order to avoid future problems.

Customized treatment plan – Each person and problem is different, so ask your dentist for a custom plan. By this, you can make sure what your problem is and the particular process to follow. Generally, the procedure starts with a digital x-ray, impressions as well as pictures of your teeth.

It helps the orthodontist to make a digital map of your teeth. With the help of Invisalign’s software, your dentist predicts changes in your teeth by weeks, months as well as at the final stage of treatment and shows it to you. It’s difficult to predict the time period, for most of the patients the treatment lasts for one year.

Your aligners – Invisalign is made with plastic aligners and you need to replace them for every 2 weeks with a new set.  Unlike traditional braces, it will not irritate your cheek and you can easily remove it for meals, brushing etc.

If you want to get good results, then wear your aligners for at least twenty two hours daily, brush and floss after every meal, and have regular checkup every 6 weeks. This way, you can see the progress and also maintain oral health.