Hyundai Elite i20 vs. Maruti Suzuki Swift

Hyundai recently launched a new version of their i20, the Elite i20. The earlier i20 is still available and you can always buy used Hyundai i20 for sale in India if you want the earlier models after a few years. Elite i20 is naturally an upgrade to the earlier model. Can the new i20 beat the classic Maruti Suzuki’s Swift that has won consumers’ hearts for nearly a decade?

There are a lot of grounds based on which we can compare both the vehicles. The following are the major comparisons:

Maruti Suzuki Swift is available in six variants – three each in petrol and diesel. The starting cost of the petrol model is Rs5.05 Lakhs and the top-end petrol model costs Rs6.68 Lakhs. The diesel model starts at Rs6.26 Lakhs and ends at Rs7.77 Lakhs. Hyundai Elite i20 is offered in six petrol variants and five diesel variants with starting petrol model price of Rs5.65 Lakhs and ending petrol model price at Rs9.07 Lakhs and for diesel models the cost starts at Rs6.86 Lakhs and ends at Rs9.06 Lakhs.

Power and Torque:

Hyundai Elite i20 beats Swift with 90PS@4000rpm power and 220Nm@1500-2750rpm torque as opposed to Swift’s 75PS@4000rpm power and 190Nm@2000rpm torque.

Elite i20 is much safer with six airbags positioned at front of the driver, side of the driver, driver curtain, front of the front passenger, side of the front passenger and front passenger curtain. Swift, on the other hand, has just two airbags – front of the driver and front passenger.

Swift has tinted windows, whereas Elite i20 doesn’t. Elite i20 has alloy wheels as opposed to Swift’s steel wheel with covers. Swift has rear fog lights, whereas Elite i20 doesn’t. Overall, Elite i20’s exterior looks dashing and Swift is a bit of old school.

Both the cars have beautiful interiors, but as far as features are concerned, Elite i20 has an option of adjustable seat height as well and Elite i20 also has an adjustable steering column. Swift has a manual air conditioning system, whereas Elite i20 has a fully automatic climate control system.


Both the cars have similar type of features and at-par fuel economy. Although picking between the two is a difficult task, if we look at the newest features that are packed into Hyundai Elite i20, the i20 is the clear winner.