How to choose the best supplement for you

The factors that you should consider overall rating of the supplement, power of the supplement, the quality of the ingredients, does the supplement has long term effects, read the customer reviews and how safe is the supplement.

To increase the benefits of memory enhancers, always combine with mental exercises such as chess, puzzle solving etc. studies have proven that by playing such games sharpen memory and memory loss can be prevented.

The latest trend of recent times is a new pill called Nootropics. Nootropics are non toxic pills which enhance cognitive functioning in a person. These are available easily and are sold without prescription too. They are comprised of phosphatidylserine, huperzine A, vinpocetine, and bacopa monneiri and cats claw.  These substances make up nootropics which helps in boosting a person’s mind and sharpens his memory.

The best way to boost brain health

Today, most of us lead a fast-paced life with little or no time for exercise or even good food. Junk food has become a staple diet for many. Nobody bothers about what they are eating and what benefits are they gaining from the food they are consuming. Most often, the ill-effects of such a diet can be seen sooner in the body in the form of different illnesses. But when brain does not get enough fuel to function well, we won’t be able to see the effects soon but they will be, later. For brain health, it is essential to consume a well-balanced diet that comprises fruits, fresh vegetables, nuts, berries, and so on. It starts right from the food a person eats to his lifestyle and his exercise regime all play an important role in keeping his brain ever active and sharp. It is also essential to take additional dietary supplements so that our brain gets enough fuel to keep working excellently. Also, brain vitamins are widely used among students as it can help boost the potential and power of brains considerably.


All supplements consumed to boost memory function on the basic principle of increasing neurotransmitters in the brain which directly lead to increase in cognitive functioning of brain. Acetylcholine is the most important neurotransmitter which helps in sending and receiving messages in brain. All supplements aim at increasing levels of neurotransmitters in brain which is responsible for neural health.  Low levels of acetylcholine in brain when a person ages is the reason for poor memory and slow functioning of brain. All synthetic supplements work at increasing level of acetylcholine activity in the brain.

But it is not mandatory to consume supplements to increase memory in a person. He can also achieve this by natural techniques by following few simple methods. Hence a daily healthy diet is all we need to remain healthy. It can keep us away from lots of diseases without taking any supplement etc. A normal healthy person can fulfill it by diets, but special requirements like pregnancy, Alzheimer, memory loss etc. are some conditions where one needs supplements.