Here’s How to Make Your Ice Machine Work as Efficiently as Possible

If you’re about to rent ice machines in Fort Worth for any length of time, you know you need those machines to work as efficiently as possible. Basic maintenance such as changing the filters (water and, if applicable, air) and having the machines inspected periodically if you’re renting them long-term is crucial, of course, but there are other things you can do to keep the ice machines working.

Surrounding Temperatures

Although the ice-making portion of an ice machine is enclosed, it is still subject to absorbing heat from outside. If the machine is in a warm room, is outside on a warm day, or is filled with warm water, it’s going to take longer to make ice and will likely produce less ice. By filling the machine with cool water, reducing the temperature in the room (such as by turning on the air conditioner or turning on ceiling fans), and shading outdoor machines as much as possible, you can help the machine produce ice more quickly and in greater amounts.

Keep It Clean and Follow Food Handling Rules

Ice needs to be treated like food because it is something people eat. Leaving scoops in the ice section of the machine, not washing scoops, not cleaning spouts that dispense ice into cups, and not cleaning things like the edges of an ice bin where someone might have been resting their hands can all lead to contamination. Ensure any workers using the machine follow food handling rules, like not grabbing ice with their bare hands, and leave signs up about proper use for machines where customers retrieve the ice themselves.

Keep It On

Turning the machine off might save energy, but it will take longer for the machine to get up to speed and produce ice at a normal rate. Keep the machine on if you want it to be able to produce ice quickly during times of heavy use.

When you rent ice machines in Fort Worth, talk to the rental company about optimal daily and weekly maintenance that you can perform, as well as maintenance services that the rental company provides. By taking proper care of the machines and having the rental company service or replace them as needed, you can keep that nice, cool ice flowing.


Keeping Your Ice Safe