Going South: A look at new sports shoes for men

Give your feet a stylish new turn this season with new styles in sports shoes.

There are shoes and there are shoes. Then there are sports shoes for men.

As increasing numbers of men take to a variety of sporting activities, shoe brands are responding to the high demand for specialised sports footwear with a variety of designs. Several new designs from premium brands like Adidas have hit the market recently. These are sports shoes designed for specific activities and level of exercise. The key lies in picking the right kind, which is well suited to the activity that you intend to pursue.

So while some men may be avid runners, others might go hiking every weekend. Still others might put in a good hour of hard exercise at the gym, while others may go for brisk walks every morning to keep their stress under check. Whatever the level of exercise one undergoes, there is always a good Adidas shoe for men waiting to complement the effort.

In no particular order, these are the kinds of sports shoes for men that you should be buying, based on the exercise and level of activity that you pursue:

* Running shoes. As the name suggests, these are shoes designed for men who run for exercise or recreation. Running keeps the body in super shape, right from toning the muscles to keeping the joints limber. But these benefits can be seen only with the right running technique, and most importantly, with the right running shoes. Running Adidas shoes provide the right kind of foot support to prevent blunt trauma and injuries. The shoes also offer shock absorption so that you don’t feel how hard your feet are pounding the ground as you run.

* Sport-specific shoes. Then there are shoes designed to work with specific sports. For example, you can get Adidas shoes for men specifically for tennis, football, cricket, etc. Each has its own features and functionalities suited to the sport. For instance, tennis shoes for grass provide superior anti-slip grip, while tennis shoes for clay and hard courts have a thicker sole for shock absorption. Cricket shoes have sharp cleats for batsmen and bowlers, while football shoes are also marked by cleats on the bottom and a stiff body with a detailed frame.

* Walking shoes. As the name suggests, these shoes are designed for both fast and slow walking. They offer a thick sole with slight flexibility so that the feet are protected even over rough or unpredictable terrain. They are good for professional and amateur walkers who walk for daily exercise. Meanwhile, they can also be put to use for hiking, though if you are a serious hiker, you should ideally have a pair of hiking shoes with a ridged and heavy sole.

* Outdoor shoes. Outdoor shoes are normally casual sneakers with a thick sole and laces. They may also be of the slip on variety. Outdoor shoes are not usually designed for exercise or heavy lifting. They are good for small walks or moving about in a desultory fashion. Look for hot new colours like electric blue, baby pink and violet in outdoor Adidas shoes for men. There is no stipulation to match the colour of your outdoor sneakers with your clothes.