Following Jesus For Experiencing Transformation And Growth

Do you believe in paradise? Well, you should believe in hell, as well. All the things we have heard about are real – death, life, salvation, hell and paradise. If you believe in the divine, you have to start following the path of Christ. Are you unsure of how to begin your journey? Well, the first step is to follow a relevant Christian ministry.

Understanding the basics

Over the years, Christian ministries have become relevant for people around the world and across regions. Ministry refers to all sorts of activities that are carried out by pastors, ministers and other members of the community to spread and share the vision of Christ. When you follow a ministry, you make the conscious choice of following Jesus for a better and more meaningful life. Some of the leading pastors, such as Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, have helped in changing lives by taking the divine presence of God to the people of the world.

Healing yourself

Pain and suffering is inevitable, but you can find your way by following Jesus. Ministries take up various kinds of activities and endeavors to spread this very message. Hell is as real as the paradise, and everything, including life, death, and salvation is true. Millions of people live in hell as of today, because they believe they can follow Christ tomorrow. As a human, you always have the choice being young at heart, but one cannot deny the need for spiritual growth. That can only happen when you start hanging out with Jesus. Maturity cannot be gained in a day, and if you push for it, you are already making a mistake, says Chris Oyakhilome.  It is important that you give yourself to Jesus and accept Him totally as your Savior.

Taking part

Many ministries organize events and functions to share the knowledge of the divine life made available in Christ Jesus. Pastors and ministers often arrange teaching and healing sessions in different cities and countries to share God’s Word in the simplest format possible. It is not about understanding the path, but also about accepting the Christian virtues and realities at heart. Don’t have the time for attending these sessions? You don’t need to be there in person. The Christ embassy offers the teachings in form of posts, videos and audio content, so that people can share and learn the art of acceptance. When you start believing in Jesus, you will find contentment and peace, which will lead to the ultimate transformation.

Attaining the state of complete soundness is easy, because Jesus has done all the hard work. You just need to believe and stay strong. The divine path will show you the way, and you can feel the real growth within yourself. You also have to take the charge of spreading the word about the virtues of Christianity, so as to influence others. It is a path that promises more than what seems on the surface – Just take the initial leap. Once you find a reason to follow Jesus, you won’t need anything else.