Financial Job Explanations

1. Functions of monetary management

Based on business area, functions of monetary department inside a company or perhaps in an economic service may include ones the following:

· Evaluate and assess the efficiency of capital management manage financial perils of the organization

· Examine, control and assess activities relevant to invest in, accounting and investment practices of the organization

· Develop, make plan, estimate and balance your budget for brief-term activities of the organization

· Make action program and plan and proper financial decision in compliance to every development stage

· Manage and conduct the procedures of Finance Department

· Create and apply worldwide standards of finance management and investment activities.

· Increase your good relationship with foreign and domestic banking institutions.

· Improve financial analysis and forecast ability and choose the optimum solutions.

· Make an enhanced means to fix an investment in and quotation around the stock marketplaces in Vietnam too as with the planet.

· Create a well knowledge of rules and legal needs of domestic and foreign stock marketplaces.

· Develop standard system for approaching and bringing in national and worldwide financial opportunities in addition to standards for investment produced by the organization.

· Result in the general strategy and direction for the organization

· Set development goals for the organization

· Conduct and be responsible for those activities of the organization

· Be responsible for that profit goal along with the development and growth goals of the organization

· Make sure the performance of current and future goals of the organization along with the expectation from the board of company directors from the revenue, profit, product quality, hr development along with other activities

· Prepare plans for business and marketing

· Manage the labor force to guarantee the best performance

· Make reviews clearly inside a duly manner towards the board of company directors send plans towards the board for approval

· Assess the performance of each and every department.

2. Positions of monetary department

Based on quality and excellence of the above mentioned functions, positions of monetary department may include ones the following:

• CFO job description

• Finance director

• Finance manager

• Financial analyst

• Financial controller

• Business analyst

• Finance assistant

• Finance Counselor

• Connect

• Consultant

• Planner

• Specialist

• Consultant

3. Financial job explanations

To produce examples of job description above, you need to:

Identify functions of monetary dept.

Establishing process/job instructions, detailed responsibilities of every financial functions.

Assign each tasks for every position.

Write job description/job specs for every position.

Compare 1 by 1 and send these to board of company directors for approval.