Extend your Living Space with a Log Cabin

Every homeowner will think about adding to the living area at some point, perhaps the family is growing, or you want your parents to have a comfortable retirement. Whatever the reason, extending your home is a wise investment and it should provide the family with additional, much needed living space. Aside from the traditional bricks and mortar extension, the choice is rather limited, yet one can find something unique that will complement your home.

Log Cabins

Traditionally log cabins were used for hunters and trappers who spent many days in the wilderness and built from the pine trees that were in abundance. Crafted by hand, a log cabin would take several weeks to build and required many trees, and thanks to technological advances, you can now have a log cabin in your garden.

Self Assembly

There are online suppliers of log cabins of all shapes and sizes and if you prepare the base and assemble the cabin yourself, there are considerable savings to be made. The supplier would be able to advise you on the base preparation, which must be completed when the unit arrives. It is recommended that the base should be a little larger than the cabin, which helps to evenly spread the weight, and it should be of sufficient strength to support the structure.

Complete Service

If the DIY route doesn’t appeal, the supplier would have an association with a team that assembles their products on-site, and for a little extra, you have the professionals take care of everything. More often than not, the cabin does not require planning permission, and the supplier would be well-versed in local building regulations and would ensure that your cabin is within the law.


Having a log cabin in your garden brings in the rustic look, and with many designs and sizes to choose from, it isn’t difficult to find the ideal unit and customization is available, should you have specific requirements. If you have a large garden, a log cabin really does make it special, as it blends so well with nature.

The Kits

A typical log cabin kit would contain everything you need to assemble the cabin, with a typical delivery time of 7 days, wherever you happen to be in the UK. A person with basic DIY skills and the right tools, would be able to assemble the cabin, and with the whole family lending a hand, the job will soon be completed.

Timber Preparation

As there are many different ways to preserve timber, the supplier would not treat the wood in any way. This would be left to the customer, although the supplier would be happy to make recommendations, so allow adequate time for the application of timber preservatives.

Log cabins are cosy in the winter and cool in the summer, and with so many designs to choose from, you can create the ideal unit for year round use.