Explore the Ever-Beautiful Barcelona

Ah, Barcelona. It’s one of the great cities of not just Spain, or the Western world, but indeed the world at large. That said, it’s important to note, of course, that Barcelona is in the Catalan region of Spain. Both Spanish and Catalan are spoken in the region, and this proud and unique multicultural mix is part of what makes Barcelona unlike anywhere else in Spain—or the world, for that matter!

Here are just a few places you might want to see when booking your next Barcelona sightseeing tour.

World Heritage Sites

Barcelona is home to a number of World Heritage Sites, all of which are worth visiting. For example, the famous Sagrada Família is one of Spain’s premier sites from both a religious as well as a purely architectural standpoint. Designed by the beloved Catalan architect Antoni Gaudi, the site combines Art Nouveau with classic Gothic design, and is truly a sight to see. If you’re interested in a truly Catalan musical experience, you won’t want to miss the Palau de la Música Catalana, one of Spain’s great concert halls, and likewise another center of Catalan culture. Other UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Barcelona include Park Güell, Palau Güell, Casa Milà, and the Casa Vicens.

A World of Art

From Catalonian music to art, The Palau Nacional has, since 1934, been the home of the National Art Museum of Catalonia. There are also some rather famous museums in Barcelona which are dedicated to specific figures. For example, the Fundació Joan Miró is the premier showcase of Joan Miró’s works, and the Fundació Antoni Tàpies houses the artwork of the famed artist Antoni Tàpies. However, there are few artists in the history of art whose name is more recognised throughout the world than Picasso, so if you only visit one museum in Barcelona, you might well want to make it the Museu Picasso, which has more than 4,000 works created by the master himself.

Of course, I really would recommend that you see more than one art museum in Barcelona. This city is one of the greatest bastions of not just Catalan or Spanish art, but Western Art as a whole, and whether you’re an art aficionado or “you don’t know art but you know what you like,” you can bet you’ll love this. Barcelona’s many art museums are enriching, often once in a lifetime experiences—seize the moment and see some of the world’s most beautiful art on display in Barcelona today!

Football Fans Rejoice!

Are you a football fanatic? Then you’ll definitely want to check out Camp Nou, home to FC Barcelona since it was first completed 60 years ago, in 1957. Let me tell you, this stadium is huge! It can seat more than 99,000 people, making it not just the largest stadium in Spain, and not just the largest stadium in all of Europe, but the third-largest football stadium in the entire world for that matter. It’s a grand home worthy of a grand team, so whether you’re a fan of the storied FC Barcelona franchise, want to pay a visit to enemy territory and root against them, or are simply curious and want to see one of the biggest sporting spectacles in Spain—and, indeed, the world—this is a great choice.

For both Spanish culture in general and Catalan artistry in particular, you can’t go wrong with these sights, and many more like them, on a sightseeing tour of beautiful sun-bathed Barcelona!