Dressing Tips for Women That Can Add Value to Their Personality

One of the most discussed topics for women besides weight management for women’s dresses. Women love to talk about dressing. What to wear, what not to wear, which colour suits them, which cut makes them look wider, what makes them look older, what makes them look classy. And the list goes on…

So here are some tips that can women use to add value to their personality and to avoid some commonly made blunders with regards to dressing up.

The Perfect Skin Show

Well, ladies, it’s good to look and feel sexy but a little mistake can entirely change what you want to convey through your dressing. To avoid any dressing mishaps follow one simple rule for skin show – One Part at a Time. This means that if you are showing off your legs then try to have a covered top and vice versa. This retains the mystery factor and keeps the focus intact.

Brighten It Up with Accessories

Accessories are a great help when you want to convert simple looking women’s dresses into an interesting wear. Try to compliment your solids or nude dresses with some vibrant and bright coloured accessories. This will balance up everything and would add a new vibrant energy to the otherwise dull wear.

Layer It Up

When it comes to women’s dresses, layering up is a good technique to look fuller. This is also a great tip for winters without having to wear those huge sweaters.

Going Mono Colour

One can try to wear one colour from top to bottom to look taller. Maxi dresses and long skirts can give the same illusion.But be careful. When you wear the top and the bottom in the same colour do not forget to add acomplementing accessory like a handbag or a necklace to add definition. (It should be of a different colour than of the dress/outfit.)

The same tip can be applied for looking slimmer but the colour should be black. It takes away attention from parts we do not intend to bring attention to.

Dressing in Sync

An important part of women’s dressing is dressing for the occasion. This is the reason women’sdresses stores have categorization like formal wear, ethnic, casual, festive and the like.

Office wearshould make you look professional and should be comfortable to let you focus on work. Simple words – Classy, Chic, No Sparkles, No Shimmer and More of Solids, Strips and Symmetric Patterns!

Outing wears should be casual and comfortable. Add on with a trendy pair of sunglasses and wear sneakers instead of heels.

Never Ignore Your Body Shape

Women’s dresses are all about knowing what suits your shape better. For example, an A-line skirt for women with wider top to balance it out and nude colour pumps can add to your height. So know your shape and embrace it.

Scarves Always a Good Option

A simple top can be stylised in just a minute. Add a complementingscarfand see the magic. They are always a good idea with tank tops, nude sweaters, solid tops, with shrugs, jackets and almost anything in which not too muchwork or attention wanting things are there at the top for example collar, necklaces, frills, etc.

In the end, it’s all about opening your mind and letting in new energy. Try to play with colours and get new statement accessories and combine them with appropriate makeup. To purchase women’s dresses and matching accessories, you can consider various online retail outlets such as Myntra, Bewakoof, Jabong, Flipkart, and so on.