Different Types of Shower Enclosure Doors

The door type is not always one of the first things that people consider when choosing their shower enclosure. However, it should not be taken for granted as not only does it have an effect on the overall look of the enclosure or the bathroom in general, but it can also affect the space of the bathroom. For instance, a door that opens outward can be a problem in a bathroom that is limited in space or positioned near the bathroom door as they can touch each other. There are different types of shower enclosure doors and it’s important that you know about them so you know your options, helping you determine which one is best for you.

Sliding Doors

They are also known as bypass doors. They are made of two panels with one panel sliding past the other one to open. There are tracks on top and at the bottom of these panels allowing them to slide. Since they do not open outwards or inwards, they save space, which is perfect for smaller bathrooms. This doesn’t mean though that you cannot use them for bigger bathrooms because they would also do.

Swing Open Doors

They are also called pivot doors. These shower doors swing in or out to open, thus their name. If you are using this type of shower door, see to it that it doesn’t hinder or bump on anything when you swing it open.

Round Doors

Since they are round in shape, they give more space in the shower area. While the sliding doors slide on top or bottom tracks, round doors are fixed to the top and bottom of the enclosure’s frame. These doors are commonly seen on stand-alone showers that are installed in one corner of the bathroom.

Framed or Frameless Doors

Aside from the general type of doors mentioned above, enclosure doors can also be framed or frameless. As the terms suggest, framed enclosures have a frame, while frameless enclosures do not. A framed door can give you the classic feel and the frame can also secure the glass panels. Frameless doors on the other hand look luxurious and modern, but they need to be thick for durability. Thicker glass also means a higher price.

Door Finish

Shower enclosure doors also have varying finishes. The most common is clear glass. Tinted glass comes in various colours, and is used for added privacy, as well as a design statement. There are also frosted glass panels, which like tinted glass give more sense of privacy. Rain glass also gives privacy, while providing a unique appearance.

When choosing a shower enclosure, don’t forget to consider the type of door that it has. Use the information provided above to decide which would work best for you.

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