Build a Better Business Through Employee Appearance

Issues such as employee image and presentation are often secondary to a company’s core business. In some respects, this is understandable; employers are faced with a million decisions to make each day, each one more pressing than the last. For small businesses in particular, the decisions about uniforms and employee dress codes can fall by the wayside. However, employee dress code and appearance should be at the forefront of corporate and business decisions, as this concept can enhance your business’ sustainability.

Find the Right Uniform

Putting a decision about uniforms and employee appearance on the back burner is unfortunate for employers and the company.  The right uniform or dress code can have a positive impact on many other aspects of a business. Luckily, finding the right uniforms does not have to be a painful process. It is possible to order uniforms online through respected retailers.

In fact, some companies even specialise in the production and sale of uniforms. These businesses are experts at what works in any given industry, from healthcare to hospitality and everything in-between. There are certain factors that a uniform company will consider when recommending styles and articles of clothing to a particular company, such as the colours, fabrics, logos, and which distinctive style would make the most sense.

Clothing Should Be Functional

First and foremost, uniforms in the workplace must be functional. For instance, those who work in healthcare often invest in scrubs for their employees because they provide good range of motion and are easy to wash. This fits the business model and makes it easier for employees to do their job. Similarly, tradies need durable and long-lasting uniforms that can withstand the hard work and outdoor environment. Each company has a different set of unique needs.


It is not as obvious, but this notion also holds true in the corporate world. The right clothing can inspire confidence in an employee and allow employees to feel more prepared for work each and every day. Take the field of sales, for instance. An employee who feels good and poised in their attire is more likely to approach potential customers with the right attitude and outlook. Hopefully, this confident feeling leads to more sales for your employee and increased profits for the company.

Uniforms Should Reflect Branding

A uniform also features a close-knit relationship with the company’s brand. Internally, this can enhance employee attitudes and approaches to the business. A uniform can promote teamwork and unity amongst your staff. In this way, uniforms function in the workplace much like they do on athletic fields. They are a symbol of shared goals and results, and make everyone feel as though they are a part of the eventual success.

In an external capacity, a uniform speaks to your customers. The colours, design, and graphics represent the reputation and level of service associated with your brand. The right uniform can become an important part of your company’s marketing and sales initiatives.

Give the Right First Impression

Even before customers speak and interact with your employees, they are forming an impression of your business. Employees who show up on job site or in a store without the proper dress code or uniform can seem disorganised and incompetent. That is the wrong first impression to send to current and potential customers alike. When dressed in appropriate and coordinating attire, employees immediately look more professional and responsible, which is a much better way to start a client relationship.