Anavar & original buying sources

Anavar (Oxandrolone) is a popular anabolic androgenic drug used by bodybuilders, athletes, especially women due to its mild effects. When compared with other androgenic drugs, Anavar is a mild androgenic drug. Since this oral anabolic drug has a huge demand, it is difficult to find out the real Anavar. The prescription drug is manufactured by many underground labs, black markets. Even many retailers sell Anavar online. But it is a matter of question that whether they are real Anavar. Generally, the prescription drug only has the pharmaceutical grade quality which works well. So, trusting other sources is always under confusion.

Where to buy real Anavar?

Anavar is used in the medical field to treat muscle wasting diseased patients, HIV/AIDS victims, and chronic infection. It was tested on HIV patients and they had a good growth with new muscle tissues and had a lean muscle mass development. If a person is anemic, underweight, he/she can buy the real Anavar from the pharmacy with a prescription. But for performance enhancement, it is strictly banned.

You can obviously find many vendors who sell real Anavar, but you cannot buy from them without a prescription. You cannot expect Real Anavar from India because India does not follow strict rules and regulations on the anabolic drugs. Though you find any wholesaler/retailer for real Anavar from India, many traits have to be noted. You should scrutinize the existence of the seller, ingredient, product quality, and genuinity etc., Always learn as much as possible about Anavar, trace out for a reputed vendor, read forums, bodybuilders experience about the drug, do not go for cheap products. While you consider all the above points, you may able to find out real Anavar

Anavar Dose:

Women intent to take real Anavar 10 mg to burn the stubborn and visceral fat. That’s why it has been popular among females. Anavar’s performance enhancing effects provide effective results within eight weeks. Some anabolic drugs create androgenic effects in women, whereas the issue is not expected with Anavar. On the other hand, it does not even produce estrogenic effects. So, men are quite happy with Anavar for building lean muscle mass with increased strength. Men are recommended with higher doses of real Anavar due to its mild androgenic effects. They can take from 50-80 mg per day to attain the desired results. Women may only take 5-20 mg per day to form a sculpted structure. Along with the drug, a protein rich diet with regular workout will help to increase the potential of the drug. Anavar is very expensive, roughly $1.50 to $5.00 per pill would cost.

Who should not take Oxandrolone?

Anavar can induce nausea, vomiting, changes in the libido, menstrual issues. Pregnant women, Nursing women, people with renal or heart disease should not use Anavar. If you experience fatigue, sharp stomach pain, darkened urine, then immediately stop the real Anavar usage and consult a doctor. Since Anavar is classified as an addictive item, it might lead to insomnia, anxiety, nervousness, neurological issues with genital deformities.

As the bottom line, if you want to use Anavar, try to get the original product. Though there are many discussions about Real Anavar from India, it is still to be searched carefully before placing your valuable order.