Amazing features of the NSS Champ 3329 Riding Floor Scrubber

If your business has a large floor area that is subject to a lot of dirt, then you know that cleaning these floor surfaces can be a pain, especially if you are still using the old methods. But with the NSS Champ, all these worries can be put to rest. It has amazing features that can work well for your building in keeping it in clean and mint conditions to encourage a great working environment as well as attract new clients. It is such an effective cleaning machine, that you will virtually have no need of deploying any more personnel for cleaning, which is cost effective on your end. The floor scrubber has a number of distinct features that sets it apart from the rest, some of which include:

Extended scrub times

Some of the dirt and stains on the floor can be very hard to remove, especially if it has been there for a while. It may require scrubbing the same area numerous times for the physical hand to manage to eliminate it completely. This in itself is very time consuming, while there may not be that much time to cover the entire floor area. With a floor scrubber, the cleaning is much quicker because it is equipped with a 36 volt battery system which is very handy in ensuring that the scrubbing times is extended. As a result, the cleaning time per area is significantly reduced.

Highly maneuverable

Navigating through a large area may not always be easy. If the maneuvering is not effective enough, it could mean that the cleaning will not be 100 percent, since some spots will always be under-cleaned. With the NSS Champ, it has a single front drive wheel, which simply means that the maneuvering ability is greatly increased. The front wheels have the ability to turn 90 degrees in both directions; hence it only needs about 70 inches to turn around.

Multi scrub head positions

In addition, the scrub head has two down positions with different pressures to enhance the cleaning experience. The first position has about 115 lbs. down pressure while the second position exhibits about 230 lbs.

Equipped with a battery and battery charger

The floor scrubber was built to serve a large floor area in cleaning. It can prove difficult for any cleaning device to move about with a wire connected to an electrical outlet. This is also potentially dangerous. The NSS Champ is battery powered, making it very flexible in its movements with no wiring restrictions. The battery also comes with a specialized charger which can be used to recharge the battery once they are depleted. This can be after quite a while as the battery are meant to last quite long time.

It has a lot of other unique features that make it a must-have such as having a 33 gallon recovery tank and 29 gallon solution tank and a rear squeegee bar, and scrub head splash skirt rubber. All this wrapped up into one complete product makes NSS Champ one of the best in cleaning floors in the market today.