A Step by Step Guide to Personal Injury Claims

 The fast pace of modern society means we are all at an increased risk of personal injury, and should a person suffer a personal injury, they may be unaware of their legal rights. Regarding making any claim for a personal injury, there must be a third party who, in the opinion of the claimant, was negligent, and this negligence resulted in the personal injury occurring.

  • Third Party Liability – If a waitress accidentally knocked a cup of boiling coffee over a customer, then this would be a clear cut case of negligence on the part of the waitress. The claim would not be made against the unfortunate girl who caused the accident, rather the employer would be the negligent party, and would therefore be liable. Proving negligence on the part of the third party can sometimes be difficult, which is why you should try to keep all documentation of the event, including any medical reports or treatments. If you took photos of the accident site with your smartphone, this would help, along with pictures of your injuries, if possible, and if there were any witnesses, their testimony could be vital in a courtroom.
  • Sourcing an Experienced Legal Expert – The Internet is by far the best way to source the right solicitor for a personal injury claim, and not only that, by filling in an online form, you can receive a free evaluation of your case, and that takes only a matter of minutes. It could be that a person suffered a head injury in a car accident, and now they are looking for a solicitor who can handle brain injury claims in Kent, and with a simple online search, they would be able to locate the perfect solicitor.
  • Making a Claim – Assuming you have discussed things with your solicitor and they have agreed to represent you, the next thing is to build a strong case. Your lawyer would want access to anything that might be relevant to the claim, and together, you would prepare your claim. At the same time, your lawyer would formally inform the third party of your injuries, along with the intention of making a personal injury compensation claim against them.
  • No Win – No Fee – An online personal injury lawyer would probably take on a case that they feel is a strong one, and you would have nothing to pay if the claim is not successful. The solicitor involved would be very experienced and after reviewing your situation, they would be able to accurately predict the outcome, and in some cases, the evidence to support a third party negligence is not there, and the legal expert would advise you not to go ahead.

It is often the case that the third party’s negligence is not in dispute, and in this case, an out of court settlement would be preferred by both parties, as it saves a lot of money. Not only that, the courts are better served by dealing with cases that are in dispute. Whatever the cause of your injury, it pays to seek expert legal advice, and with online personal injury lawyers at your service, the process couldn’t be easier.