10 Pointers for Choosing the Best Self-Storage Service

Self-storage services are pretty handy. As a home owner, you can keep all the extra stuff and clutter away from your garage or store room for a nominal fee each month. However, choosing between the different services might be a complicated task. To make things simple, we have 10 essential pointers listed below.

  • Consider the storage time. If you intend to use the storage space for more than a year, you can seek a discount on the actual price. Again, these offers are dependent on the discretion of the service, but you can take a try.
  • Measure everything, especially the bigger items like furniture, sporting goods and cars. This will just help in choosing the right storage unit.
  • Check for the general business hours. While getting storage units is easy, some companies aren’t very flexible with their windows for clients. Make sure that you don’t have issues with getting goods when required.

  • Start with location. This is an important aspect to consider, especially if you intend to have direct access to your belongings at all times.
  • Be specific with your needs. It makes no sense to take a big unit, when you have just a few things to store. Estimate your requirements in a realistic way.
  • Check if you need a climate controlled unit. Most home owners don’t use climate controlled units because of the cost, but it might be a wise investment for expensive valuables.
  • Security is something you would want to check in person. Apart from basic manpower, a company should invest in CCTV cameras and must have enough protection against theft and trespassing.
  • Maintenance is something you don’t want to miss. Make sure that the company protects the premises against unexpected damages owing to water leaks, pest infestation and mold.
  • Check the range of additional services offered. Some units come with extra racks, while a few services may offer free pickup and drop off of goods. When you get estimates, don’t just see the price but the services offered.

  • Finally, ask for a quote. Read the terms and conditions with care, because you don’t want to pay hidden charges later. Compare the services in terms of facilities, features and overall client assistance.

In case of concerns, always get written assurances and emails, instead of verbal communication. Check online right now and look for reputed services in your area.