7 Ways to Increase Traffic to Your Blog

Managing a blog can be a challenging task. Creating quality, value-added content to keep readers interested and informed is one of the keys to building up a loyal reader base. However, creating good quality content takes time, from researching topics, to styling photos, typing up articles and then editing them, can take hours, if not days for some. So, in the interests of helping out some bloggers-to-be or existing bloggers who are currently experiencing a low ROI, I thought I’d put together a brief post on seven ways to increase traffic. Get your RayBan glasses on and pay attention class:

  1. Create catchy headlines
    Whenever I’m looking for articles to read on the internet, I’ll typically search a topic on Google. With often thousands upon thousands of articles to trawl through, the ones that get my attention are the ones that have the catchy headlines. So, make yours standout. Don’t be afraid to be controversial!
  2. Make sure the content is informative
    Readers want to read articles that add value to their daily lives. Whether that’s about improving their lifestyle, losing weight, earning more money, setting goals or just getting educated, make sure your articles are informative. Readers want value, so give them what they want.
  3. Use social media channels to drive traffic
    Social media is a great way to gain exposure for your brand and blog. Adding links to your bio in Instagram, Twitter and Facebook (for example) allows anyone looking at your page the opportunity to click through your site. You can track your blog’s visitor sources through services such as Google Analytics.
  4. Be consistent in your posts
    Stay consistent with your theme. If your blog is just about cars, then don’t write about topics that aren’t relevant to your prospective readers. They are coming to you for your car insights. Make them great insights so they keep returning!
  5. Time your posts
    Use Google Analytics to see which countries and cities your visitors are from. See when they are most active on your site and plan your posts around those times. For example, people often log onto my site on a Tuesday evening after dinner. So scheduling content to come out on Tuesday is a good way to keep your visitors engaged.
  6. Make the post shareable
    Use share links at the end or side of your blog post so readers can share posts they like to their social channels. This increases the chance of someone else reading your post, or at least the potential for a retweet or repost on Twitter or Facebook. Services like AddThis provide simple and easy code or widgets to add these to your site.
  7. You can always Pay Per Visitor (PPV)
    PPV is another way of driving traffic. It’s essentially paid marketing to put your site in front of its target audience. You’ve probably seen banners, cookies and popups on your site? It works along similar lines. You can target the audience, industry and location you’re after which will drive new visitors to your site.

I hope this post gets you thinking of different ways to increase your blog traffic. If you have any other suggestions, feel free to pop it in the comments!